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What is coffee?

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From what the coffee is made of?

The coffee is prepared by roasting the beans called Coffea robusta and Coffea arabica produced in East Africa, Central and South America, the Caribbean Islands and New Guinea. The taste of this Coffea arabica is stronger, but it can be changed by roasting and mixing the beans. The Coffea robusta better adapted to hot, humid climates and rather than attack the pests and less attacked by the pests.

How istant coffee is produced?

After roasting the beans, the soluble substances are extracted from them by hot water and steam. The solutions are concentrated and then freeze-dried.In this latter process, the water is removed under high vacuum from the frozen solution. The rest is the solid extraction of coffee. Before the treatment, the flavoring materials of coffee are reoved from the steam and set aside. The flavouring materials are added before packing and wrapping the coffee.

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